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3rd seminar EVALUATION

Seminar evaluation To invite participants to evaluate the seminar. Present the instrument: a big chart of the different days with space around (what has happened outside the seminar). Invite participants to draw as… Sigue leyendo


Create a visual map of the group On a big Poster we drew a map representing the three countries. Each participant wrote on 5 different post-it the personal, professional and organisational characteristics. They… Sigue leyendo

2nd Seminar EVALUATION

EVALUATION Se reparten cuestionarios individuales para recoger opiniones personales. Se realiza una dinámica colectiva para complementar la evaluación.


Collective Time Line From the last seminar ‘til now, people went back to their countries, jobs, personal life. Some of the people may have met or communicate somehow, but the connections from the… Sigue leyendo


Expectations of the project and the seminar Each participant wrote on a post it of different colour what he/she expects that:  the project will bring to me, I will bring in the project,… Sigue leyendo


2do SEMINARIO – BARCELONA – 3, 4, 5 y 6 may 2012   Brainstorming about the interest groups PURPOSE PURPUSE AND SIDE AFECT SIDE AFECT   To go deep on the reflection, practicesTo… Sigue leyendo

3rd seminar Report

3er SEMINARIO – ATENAS – 11, 12, 13 y 14 oct 2012 1RST DAY (11th of October 2012, 15h00 – 18h30) Session Goals To get the group of participants back into the collective… Sigue leyendo

Final Event Porto PHOTOS

Final Event PORTO, un álbum en Flickr.

Local project Madrid PHOTOS

Local project MADRID, un álbum en Flickr.

Local project Salonica PHOTOS

Local project SALONICA, un álbum en Flickr.

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